Increase your Garage Security with New Automatic Garage Door Lock

As an authorized LiftMaster dealer, Moose Track Garage Doors is proud to introduce a new layer of protection for the largest door in your home – a deadbolt that works in tandem with select new LiftMaster openers.

Safety and security are a major priority for home residents, and just like a deadbolt for your front door provides assurance, LiftMaster’s Automatic Garage Door Lock makes an audible click sound as the lock engages and disengages when it opens and closes. You’ll rest assured that your garage door is closed and secure. This new lock works with the new 8550W Elite Series, 8587W Elite Series, and 8360W Premium Series garage door openers.

Whether you’re running out for errands or putting your children to bed, you should always feel that your home is safe and secure. The Automatic Garage Door Lock seamlessly integrates with the LiftMaster MyQ® app, which sends a smartphone notification if the garage door is left open and allows homeowners to close and secure it from anywhere with their smartphone.

To learn more about the Automated Garage Door Lock and increase the security of your home, please call the Moose at (845) 608-0551.