Increase your homes energy efficiency with new insulated garage doors

When purchasing a garage door there are several things to consider. Some are straightforward, such as choosing a style and color, while others are less familiar to our clients. One question we often hear from customers is, “Should I buy an insulated door?”

As garage doors are typically the largest opening in your home, they are often the site with the most potential to let in hot or cold air. Although most garages are not used as living space, rooms adjacent to and/or above the garage can be affected by its temperature leading to an increase in energy use and cost over time.

A well-insulated garage door can keep your garage 10-20 degrees warmer on a cold day. The insulated door helps to create a thermal boundary keeping warm air in and cold air out or vice versa depending on the season. This not only makes the garage a more comfortable place throughout the year but it could help to reduce energy use and cost as your heating/cooling system will not need to work as hard.

Regulating the temperature in your garage is also important for the maintenance of items kept in your garage. It keeps your car warmer in the winter, meaning less warm-up time, and for those with mechanicals in their garage or items like refrigerators, washers, and dryers temperature regulation plays an important role in maintaining the proper function of those items.

Beyond temperature regulation and prevention of energy loss, adding insulation to your garage door helps to reduce noise and increase the strength and durability of the door.  Garage doors tend to take a lot of abuse and sturdier doors that are more resistant to impact will help to maintain the door’s appearance over time and may contribute to extending the life of your door.

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